Change Volume For Selected Part of Track

So, fairly new to Cubase - using Elements 10.5

So, not sure how to select a part of a track and then just adjust the volume for that selected part of the track. When i type this in search in google, there is literally almost nothing that comes up. There is one link where one person asks this question (in this forum i might add), but is using Cubase 8 and the answer relates back to nothing that I can see in Elements 10.5

So, if someone has the answer, would really appreciate a step by step instruction, with screen shots if possible specifically for Cubase Elements 10.5 so I can see what the references are pointing to in the instructions- as i said i’m new to this program and still don’t quite fully get all the references to ‘events’ and whatnot. I come from a Audacity world which is much the same as most windows stuff - use your mouse to select the range and then select ‘volume change’ from a menu bar tree option. It doesn’t seem like Cubase has this intuitive simplicity…

Thanks so much for any assistance!

You generally do this in any DAW with automation. Either automating the volume fader for the track, or automating a gain plugin. Or, if you’re talking about the level of a range of an event, you can do a range selection and clip automation on that range. Is that what you mean?

Simply cut the event at the start and end of where you want the volume change, then slide the handle at the top middle of the event up and down to change the volume of that particular clip.

Or use the Draw tool to add a volume curve to the event or clip:

Or use volume automation.

I’m using Pro so can’t be sure all these methods are available on Elements.