Change window focus e.g. select already open window

Hi all-

I work extensively with key commands. I want a key command to shift focus to an open window without having to click on it with a mouse or close and re-open it.

Example - I might have both the project and key editor windows open at the same time. If I’m on the project window I might want to change focus to the open key editor and immediately start applying key commands (e.g. zoom, quantise etc.) without having to click the window (or using the keycommand to open/close the key editor)

I haven’t found a way but am interested if anyone can suggest one.



“Control + Tab” will cycle through your open windows.
This is a windows shortcut, not Steinberg.
Focus has been, let us say, “different” since Cubase 6 or 7 was released.
Been so long I can’t remember now. It used to work just like you want it to.

ctrl+tab does the job for me on windows7 (sans aero). for the mixconsole to be switchable to via ctrl+tab, it must not be in always-on-top mode.