Change Window focus without mouse? (Metagrid)

How to switch focus to different window in two monitor setup by key command or LE preset without using the mouse? For ex., I have mix console and key editor on left, project window on right. As it is, I must first select the desired window with the mouse before I can execute a macro, LE preset, or key command. For example, select Key Editor, then execute Logical Preset to select desired notes, then perform an operation on those notes. Ideally I want to do all of that with just one button press in Metagrid, but I can’t figure out the first part - how to select the Key Editor. (Assuming I’m stating from the Project window). Or vise-versa.

If I understand you correctly, Metagrid isn’t going to achieve any additional focus issues with Cubase beyond what can be achieved only in Cubase with mouse-clicking key commands and macros.

To switch focus to a different window in a 2 monitor set up, the only method I know of is either use the Windows ctr+tab then cycle through the open windows, or, which I think is what you desire…

Open/close a mix console or key editor. when you do that it gets focus.

If you start in the project page and have a part selected, then these 4 key commands:
open key editor
autoscroll on/off
autoscroll on/off
show used controllers. (if you wish)

Iirc, doing the autoscroll on/off twice, should take your key editor to where your courser is.

I think you got the rest.

Thanks Greggy, that’s helpful. I’ll have to play with it some more and fine tune it, but I think this gets me where I want to go.
BTW, I didn’t know the double autoscroll on/off trick and that has been bugging me too. Couldn’t understand why the cursor didn’t chase when I switch parts/tracks. (Still don’t, but this gives me a workaround.) I’m still new to Cubase so many of its ways remain mysterious…