Changed tempo of the project, MIDI notes weren't affected

I programmed some drums in 120 BPM and then changed the tempo to 130 BPM - the MIDI groove still plays the same tempo and if I look at the MIDI notes they don’t even line up with the bars/beats of the project anymore (the project obviously shows bars and beats in 130 BPM while the MIDI notes play a 120 BPM groove).

There must be some way to make MIDI “follow” the tempo chosen for the project if the tempo is changed. Also, why isn’t that setting standard? When do you ever want to program something in one tempo, change the tempo of the project and still use the MIDI data that was programmed in the previous tempo (and still plays in that previous tempo)? I can’t think of a reason to work that way…


Linear mode (the one you’re using right now) is useful in for example film/TV scoring where you might want to trigger sound effects at specific times. Events in tracks set to linear mode wont be moved if you change the tempo.

I think musical mode is supposed to be the default?

Yeah I just installed Nuendo a few days ago and haven’t changed any settings so it seems linear mode is the default. Is there anywhere I can tell Nuendo to set the mode to musical every time I create a new track?

A track´s standard timebase setting can be defined in - you guess it - the preferences

Found it!