Changed to instrument name in setup not working

When I rename my trombone part in setup, it does not reflect the change in the full score.


And, yes, I saved the project after I made the changes, and yes, I closed the project and re-opened it and the name still did not change.

Towards the bottom of the dialog it says:
Show transposition: Follow Layout Options.

Rather than fiddling in this dialog, go to Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels and set options appropriately for transpositions.

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As I’m not a brass player, I’m admittedly way out of my comfort zone here, but is Dorico handling this correctly? I thought all Tenor Trombones are non-transposing and read at concert pitch. They sometimes are referred to as Bb trombones due to the fundamental (or Bb/F if they have the F trigger), but I thought they were still concert instruments. I just checked and Dorico is actually transposing a Trombone in Bb. I just flipped through a couple of orchestration books and didn’t see this mentioned, so I’m now curious how this is used. Is this an archaic instrument? Are there common examples of a transposing trombone? Off topic, I know, but I was just curious how this instrument is used as I thought a “Trombone in Bb” would still be reading at concert pitch.

Bb Trombone is certainly suspect in the line-up shown in the OP.
It’s common in the British brass band tradition, though, and the transposition in Dorico is definitely correct. I guess it’s a nice coincidence that for people switching from brass band into concert pitch that Bb treble clef is basically tenor clef with slightly different accidentals:


Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that convention. Nice transposition trick too, sort of like Baritone Sax and bass clef.

To clarify, the instruments are in Bb. In the US (not totally sure about other countries), all Bass Clef brass is notated at concert pitch. If there is a Treble Clef transposition, it will be notated as a Bb instrument. While TC trombone is not a thing, TC Baritone/ Euphonium is.

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Yeah, I’ve written and copied a ton of trombone music over the years, but was unaware of any transposing convention, so that’s why I was a bit confused by Dorico’s transposition here. (I was Slide Hampton’s copyist for close to 20 years and wrote several arrangements for his trombone choir myself, including this arrangement of Dolphin Dance.) Generally speaking, for parts I’ve found trombone players usually dislike treble clef and prefer ledger lines up through D5 or so, and then prefer 8va over treble. Of course, they usually don’t have issues with treble clef lead sheets though as that’s often the only version available. (Jazz players usually hate tenor clef too.)


Thanks Leo! That’s exactly what I was looking for!