Changed Workflow After the VCA's?

Have the addition of the “VCA like” feature changed your workflow?

I am thinking mostly about lesser use of Group Tracks/Busses? Are you using fewer Group Tracks after the VCA’s?

Are there other ways you have changed or refined your work habits after this addition?

PS. I am very familiar with console VCA behaviour (from back when we only had maybe 8 mono or 4 stereo busses on our consoles).
So basically, I’m after suggestions and solution that may have slipped my mind with using VCA’s within a DAW (I am familiar with the PT way though).

After a long hiatus due to some health issues, I am back with a Cubase 8 install one a test computer this weekend (I left you with C6.5/N5.5, only to take a sniff at C7 - which I hated at arrival). So I guess more questions will follow on my part :slight_smile:

In another forum I was reading that a bug I found in 8.0.5 was fixed in 8.0.10. That was the missing saved settings for the VCA’s, on re-opening the project. Is the VCA’s working as intended/expected now?

I thought it was me, hmmm. But I am downloading the 8.0.10 update as we speak.

I also really like the Track Visibility and Track Version features (remember these as requests in the old Nuendo forum, from many years ago).

Any other cool tips for Cubase 8? Mainly new stuff, as I have used Cubase and Nuendo since “forever”.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not using VCA cause the channels controlled by VCA are grouped, and in the Project Windows, when you select an instrument which is part of a group connected to a VCA, you automatically select all the Tracks.

This behaviour make me insane.

Never the less, I hope to use VCA in future to use less bus channel. In my Template I would possibly eliminate all my busses.

I work 90% on a composition/production template where everything will be rendered as stems soloing the channels stems after stems, so I use no Mix Buss for processing. So VCA will be very useful to control similar instruments. Possibly I would to create a VCA for each group of channel that will be printed as stem

Then I’ll mix the stems in another session and then the VCAs will be useful to control similar stems.

That’s the way I figured out how to improve my workflow with VCAs, but I can’t use them now for the above reason, I mean I can’t use them until I finished composing…


This is making me insane too (not yet though - only a few days in testing).

It also acts the same for recording, rec-arm one and the other tracks in the VCA group follows.
This can be a NASTY one :imp:

But the Alt modifier + mouse click helps a bit (single select and rec-arm), but to remember that every time should not be in the equation.

I want to select and/or rec-arm a single track when clicking the track, and to select all in the VCA group when clicking/selecting the VCA fader track itself.
I hope for this to be fixed/changed in an upcoming update. It’s allowed to hope :wink:

For now I may use them if I need some additional automation at the end of the production, and not introduce them too early in the process.
I don’t know yet, but will keep on testing.

Anyone else?

In Preferences/Editing/Project & MixConsole if you deselect “Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole” this won’t happen. But then of course selecting a channel in one won’t select it in the other under any circumstances. I have it turned off mostly to avoid changing what channel is displayed in an open Edit Channel Settings Window if I select a different channel in the Project Window.

Hey Raino,
thank you for the tip, but this doesn’t solve that, when I click on a track on the project widnows (mostly midi o instruments in my template), all tracks of that group are record armed.

So if I click on a track to play the associated instrument, all the grouped tracks play at the same time.

Of course in the preferences I have activated the option “Record arm the selected midi Track”, cause this is the way I use Cubase to play instruments during composition process.

So I can’t use VCA in my template which would be very very useful, if they just control the volume/pan/mute/solo/read/write… of the linked channels just from the VCA channel.

Thank you



This has now been changed with the Cubase Pro 8.0.20 update. Before, it was set to “selection” as default, now you have the option to disable this or enable it on the “Edit link group settings” button on the mixer. Remove the mark from the selection box and you will be able to select each track individually:
Best regards,

Hi Guillermo,
now I can select the track individually, but never the the less the first click on a grouped track (created with the creation of a VCA) record arm all the grouped tracks as before (see screenshot).

The only workaround I found is to use the modifier ALT when clicking on a track, as suggested by 0dBVU

Am I missing something?

Thank you

VCA Record Arm.JPG

Same behaviour here. I can use VCAs while mixing since since it doesn’t involve recording, but I’d like to use it during tracking as well and this bug or feature or whatever you want to call it (before anyone comes in to say it’s not a bug and they like it that way) makes it unusable during tracking at the moment.

You’re not missing anything.
As I noted Here:

They fixed select, which is good.
But Record and Monitor still require the “Alt” key.


Do you still have problems if you have the “sus” (suspend linking) button switched on, on the mixer?

I need to try that.
I let you know…
Thank you

Guillermo, I noticed this topic in the issue report was moved to the “Solved issues” section with a note that it was fixed in 8.0.20. I just want to make sure that you still keep the record enable bug open as an unsolved issue.

Hi Pablo.

Yes, I forgot that you had mentioned that in the other post.
It IS workaround - when arming and disarming tracks with VCAs assigned.

It isn’t optimal, though, because if you happen to have any OTHER active links - non-VCA like volume or panning - they won’t work.
And it does get deactivated even if you just need to use quick link for a moment.


I wish they’d use the VCA like Pro tools, I cant use the VCA in Cubase because of this arming all the record tracks as if they where grouped, it’s not really acting as a true VCA, please fix

I know, is a workaround, but maybe some could find it useful…

I am 100% with you, this is unresolved and a half baked solution…I can’t believe is so hard to fix (i know I am not a software developer).


This is still open as [BON-7104] I don’t remember the particular thread that you mention, probably it shared other issues and that is why it was moved.
But the “rec-arm, even if an individual channel is selected.” Issue remains open.

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Here is the thread:

Specifically only about the rec arming of tracks in VCA groups, and in the “Solved issues” section. I also looked for BON-7104 but it’s not in Collected nor Solved folder.


Not all our issues are on the forums, sometimes it requires to much time to find the corresponding report number and match it to a thread and the other way around. I have moved that thread to the Collected Issues and assign its correct case number.

Thank you for bringing that up.

Best regards,

I see. Thanks for the explanation, Guillermo!