Changes, Features I Would Like To See In Next Version

Smart Tool (similar to Pro Tools’)

  • Yes this will help massively e.g. volume levelling vocal tracks
  • No I manage to edit audio regions another way

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Hey guysI’m still running Cubase 7.5 and it’s okay, but I’m looking to upgrade soon. However Cubase 9 surely can’t be that far around the corner? Anyway I thought I would share my annoyances I’ve had whilst using Cubase.

MIDI control is a great way to record automation and play around with the parameters in the DAW. However, when no MIDI assignment has been linked to the hardware counterparts, and you start fiddling with a knob or slider and your project starts behaving oddly, it can severely destruct your project. There needs to be an on or off switch for preset MIDI messages to stop interacting with the DAW, unless you have manually assigned it yourself. I set my own custom control change MIDI messages on my keyboard in a number chronological order fom 0-127 to keep things simple, not knowing that some of them indeed react within Cubase. E.g. Moving a slider up and down assigned to control change 8 would affect the occilator octave in Retrologue. I would rather right click the parameter in the DAW, select learn MIDI and hit/move a control on my MIDI device to create a MIDI parameter link.

I would like to a way of being able to scroll and zoom both vertically and horizontally using a mouse, rather than resulting to the G & F keyboard shortcuts.

Not sure if it was fixed in Cubase or higher, but certainly in 7.5 when a track was muted and hidden it would still be part of the un-mute and un-solo buttons. I wanted it to behave in way that it would only solo/mute tracks that were visible.