Changes in Full Score Not Enacted in Instrument Part

Hello, I’ve seen that with “Propogate Properties” you can force changes in the score layout that affect properties on to the instrument parts. I’ve tried it with changes in stem direction, and it doesn’t happen. Is there a way to make such changes global? I’ve included 2 screen shots, one from the piano part, one from the full score,. Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 13.50.38

As of Dorico 3.5 there’s a “Set local properties globally/locally” switch at the top right edge of the properties panel. If you set it to global, subsequent property changes (and yes, stem directions are property changes) will affect all layouts. If you set it to local, subsequent property changes will only affect the layout in front of you.

I suspect this is imported MusicXML that has been interpreted incorrectly and that (e.g.) the light blue voice at the top of the piano has been defined as a down-stem voice. If you click on any of the light blue notes in the top stave of the piano, right-click > Voices > Default Stems Up, that entire voice will be redefined as an Up-stem voice.

Excellent pianoleo, that just saved me a lot of senseless work! Thanks.

Then I come to my next problem (this business with voices seems endlessly complicated :frowning: ). In a different part of the same piece. I copied the color voice chart pianoleo made in another thread. It somehow doesn’t correspond to the voices in my piece here…I probably got the voices (colors) mixed up (I exported the piece with voices as an xml from Cubase, then copied the notes into a new piano part in Dorico). I’m trying to enter notes in bar 7 in the same voice as the green upstem notes in the lower stave (where the green rests are now). I cannot choose the green marked voice before entering, and it always creates a new voice, no matter what I do. I also can’t change it to the green voice after entering a note, because it’s not available in the menu when I go to “Change Voice”. It seems like when I close the program and reopen it, the existing voices are no longer available as options there. What am I doing wrong? (Probably several things, I know.)

Ugh. This is a complex area. I’ll try to make it as simple as possible:

The colours are distributed based on the order in which the voices are created. In a native Dorico project, most of the time Up-stem Voice 1 will be blue, down-stem voice 1 will be red and, if it’s a keyboard instrument, up-stem voice 1 on the bottom staff will be green. This is not a hard and fast rule; it depends on the order in which the voices are created. With MusicXML you really don’t know what order the voices were created in, so it’s just not relevant. All that the colour tells you is that all the green notes are in the same voice, all the light blue notes are in a different voice (but the same voice as each other) etc.

In the bottom left corner of the Dorico window you should see the voice of the currently selected note in the status bar:

This will only display if you’ve got a single voice selected - if you select multiple notes it won’t show.

Further complications: when you hit Shift-V from the caret, Dorico creates a new voice. When you hit V Dorico cycles round the existing voices. It’s probably V that you want most of the time.
Finally: when you open a project, Dorico removes any voices that aren’t used anywhere; this means that, for instance, if you’d grabbed all the notes that were in Up-stem voice 2 and changed them to Up-stem voice 1, up-stem voice 2 will no longer exist. Don’t worry about this :slight_smile:

The colors are assigned based on a pre-determined sequence and may have no connection with any specific voice. A grand-staff instrument uses a single color-assignment for the combined staves, so colors will not exist on both staves unless you have cross-staff beaming instances.

In other words, keep track of voices based on the stem direction and number, and do not worry over specific colors being consistent from one Dorico file to another.

Okay, when I select the green B-note in Bar 7, it shows below as belonging to Up-stem Voice 2. When I want to enter a new note on the lower stave, I can neither select that voice before entering, nor does Up-stem Voice 2 appear in the options under “Change Voice”. I think I figured out the problem though. The green notes actually belong to the upper stave. I can enter the note there in the green voice, and move it with “m” to the lower stave. This originates in the voices as they came from Cubase. But I think I can work around it now. It’s just getting one’s mind around it first. Whew…

Ah. That’s quite possible. I’m pretty sure that Alt/Opt-M and Alt/Opt-N are factory shortcuts for actually moving notes into the stave below/above, rather than just cross-staffing them. These might come in handy!