Changes in page layout does not show

I go to engrave mode → click “first page” under page templates → make some changes → copy page layout → click apply.
BUT nothing happens in the part…
What’s going on?
Attached is a project copy.

MR_1m01.dorico (972.3 KB)

If it’s the score or the first of the Trombone 1 and Trombone 2 parts (you have two, each of which show both Trombones), nothing will change because you have manually overridden the first pages of those layouts.

In the Pages panel at the top right of Engrave mode, right-click the overridden page (the override is indicated with a red corner) and click Remove Page Overrides.

Yes, but this is not what I’m talking about.
I’m talking about all the parts. If you remove that page override, another layer of text will show up on top of the layout text, and it’s not in the page template. The only way to remove it, it with a page override, and if you change the text using the page template, nothing shows up on the part.

You have a Flow Heading showing in addition to all the stuff that’s at the top of the First Page Template.

Turn it off from Layout Options as follows:

By the way, my suspicion is that you started out with a bunch of frames on your template that were set correctly for a specific page size, but constrained to all four sides of the page, but at some point you changed the page size:

The Frame Constraints (padlocks) mean that if you change the page size, the frames will all change shape, because rather than being a defined width and height, their sides are defined distances from the page margins.

If you want to build a template that works well at multiple page sizes, the solution is to constrain each frame to only one vertical and one horizontal. For instance, the composer frame will likely be locked to the top and right margin, with a defined width and height (defined either by grabbing the edge of the frame and dragging, or by setting in the width and height properties that will become available in the properties panel), and the lyricist frame (if there is one) will only be locked to the top and left margins. The Music Frame should continue to be constrained to all four margins, and Text Frames that need to be centered (e.g. Title and Copyright) should be constrained to left and right and either top or bottom, with a defined height.


Great, that worked. Thank you so much!
I’ve had engraving issues for a little while now, and I thought it was a bug. Turns out it was just this.

And yes, I did exactly what you suspected. Thanks, I’ll update my template with this.