Changing a project from 44.1 to 48 kHz


I’ve recorded some songs for an album (my seventh!) for a while and have started using an Allen & Heath desk for stuff and realized it works great for use with a DAW as a sound card. Only problem, it is fixed at 48 kHz and my project is at 44.1.

I got plenty of artifacts when i converted the files and it simply feels like too much danger involved in converting things.

What are your thoughts about this? Is there a simple conversion thing i havent thought of or is there problem involved in these things?


Not really, but be sure to make a backup first. Then just change from 44.1 to 48 in the project settings. It will ask you if it should convert the audio files for you. There should really not be any artifacts. I have done it plenty of times and never noticed any difference. One word of caution, keep a clean file structure, use the pool to verify that the audio files are in the same folder only used for that project or things could go haywire.

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Probably a good idea to do a “Backup” of the project, then open the project from there and do the conversion on the backed up project, that way one can ensure that only the files for that project are being converted.

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ok, Emil at steinberg, does great support! I realized i had some audio warps involved and those made the issues. So now i know a bit more. Those were the artifacts that the conversion couldnt handle.

Doesnt Cubase need a proper bounce in place function?

Oh yes it does :slight_smile: