Changing a Projects path?

Can anyone help on this , I have a default start path as a scratch pad , then I move the Projects I need to the correct place. Problem is when I reopen and relink a project with its audio etc , it is still rendering audio to the previous scratchpad folder .

Even though I can Project is set to correct place

ok found this

So you have to do this NightMare !

  1. Open the project (in Cubase or by dbl-clicking on the .cpr filename)
  2. Find the path to the current project folder (Media/Pool Window) and remember it
  3. Close the project
  4. Find the project folder using your hard drive search utilities
  5. Rename the project folder (I just add “old” to the end of the folder name)
  6. Double-click on the .cpr project file
  7. Now, the file won’t open until designate a new “Project Folder”
  8. Once file is open and you are satisfied with the new Project Folder, you should save the file

A perhaps easier way is to use Backup Project to your new path. Then you can choose to delete the project in the original path.


that’s what I have been doing , just seems a little messy keep copying and deleting files


Not according to your step-by-step.
File > Back up Project, then remove original folder seems a lot easier than what you are proposing.