Changing a Projects tempo in musical mode not working

I confirmed all tracks are in musical mode but when I adjust project to follow tempo & bump the tempo up, things are simply NOT aligning.

I’m wondering, could this problem be the result of …because while the project plays well with my original tempo track / click at 93.8 BPM …not every instrument “by choice” (ie: kick or snare or bass etc) is perfectly “on the grid” ?

In other words,
I originally nudged a kick or snare or whatever back or forth a hair on the Original tempo grid to adjust for feel …& then later at mix time realized the song would be better if the tempo was bumped up a bit.
I then went into Musical mode and adjusted the project to follow tempo, and bumped BPM up to 97 BPM …but things do not line up correctly.

Much thanks for any insights.

Mucho appreciate any tips. Bumping up a tracks BPM effectively, and least destructive artifact-wise …anyone?

All of the audio files being used MUST have their original tempo entered correctly in the Tempo field in the Pool. Most,but not all, commercially sold samples have that info embedded. If the file/sample is from a source (including another song) that does not embed tempo, you will have to find and enter it for things to work as they should.

what do you mean by this? Did you work initially without the tempo track on?
It looks like you should start with making a simple test project, just to help you understand how the tempo track works with midi and audio events.
See if you can replicate the same problem.

I recorded my original files using the projects click as a guide at 93.8 bpm. Does the pool "automatically enter the files tempo in the pool if you’re in sync with the tracks bpm ?

I spoke w/ Steinberg support but never was this point mentioned. I’m out of town till wen but will have to check on that when back.

I worked initially “with the click on and set to 93.8 bpm”. I did not however insert an actual “tempo track” till after recording further tracks and realizing I might want to bump it up a few bpm’s.

Would be thankful If any kind folks could weigh in, let me ask this way…

If one uses a “click as a guide but” tends to NOT follow exactly or, line up tracks exactly on the bars/beats grid (ie; for feel a little before or ahead at times)… Is there Then a way to slightly speed up or, slow down ones tracks at a later time ?

It seemingly does not work for me to go into musical mode and make broad changes as I said, IF my tracks are very close yet, not “synced perfectly” to the grid to begin with.

Maybe there’s a 3rd party plug or…? Some way of doing these full track tempo tweaks WITHOUT aquiessing to lining all tracks up to grid ?

Maybe I’m missing something and apologies as I’m not super deep into many of NU functionality but, Please share thoughts. ie; help! :wink:

It’s important for me as a mixer to be able to bump up or down the bpm a few but, again, Not all tracks I’m working with followed the tempo click perfectly to begin with…IF at all.

Go back to the Pool and make sure that all audio files have an [X] in the Musical Mode column. Then play the project again.

Thanks Chris. That’s however the first thing I did and made sure of it being set that way.
Yet still. things don’t line up correctly.

My only guess is as I mentioned, because this projects tracks do not follow the tempos bpm grid “exactly” …they use it as a guide &
“float around it” lets say.

A suggestion:

If you want to up the tempo of the entire mix, do it TO THE MIX file.

IE mixdown your tracks, then in a new empty session, import your MIX only, and up its tempo.

U could try this before u change the tempo…

Select your audio events… go to Audio ->Advanced -> Set Definition from tempo -> (Check on “save definition in project only & set all tracks to musical time base” ) --> OK … Try changing the tempo after doing this.

Hope this is what yr looking for…

To the OP - can be more specific in exactly what’s happening? I’m hunting down a bug related to Cubase not properly writing tempo definitions to audio files, but on PC only; I just came from the Mac side where this works fine, but not on PC. I’m going to probably make a video about the issue and post shortly.

Hi Greg,
I believe I detailed as much specifics as possible previously in this thread but, if I can provide anything further let me know.

Hi chetd
I believe “are 74” has the closest answer.

If his suggestion does not work, try this:

  1. Take tracks OUT of musical mode
  2. Select one drum track, preferably Kick Drum or Overheads
  3. Go to Project Tempo Detect and detect, don’t change any default settings
  4. Put all remaining tracks in Musical Mode
  5. Delete all the points in tempo detect if you wish, and just type in the new tempo,
    or simply raise the temp on all detection points- usually I prefer to flat line it if I am
    recording extra instruments.

I have done this quite a few times in several projects.
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