Changing all audio to Musical Mode

In the end I did it the hard way in the pool but only because there was no option in the Project Logical Editor. Could this be added? Or did I miss an easier way?


The Pool is the easy way. Just Select all the Audio files and click the checkbox to set them all at once. Less than 30 seconds tops.

That’ll teach me to be organised and use folders! Afair, you can only select all within a folder and that’s just enough of a pain to may me look for an even easier way. I know, lazy bastard… :man_shrugging: Anyway, cheers, Raino :grin:

You can can also Select Audio Events in the Project Window and set it via the Info Line. However that will only change the Audio actually in use - unlike the Pool where you can snag all the Audio in the Project. Another reason to use the Pool is that Recordings made in Loop Mode almost always will have an incorrect Tempo value, which can corrected in the Pool.

My habit is after finishing any recording session is to 1) go to the Pool and correct Tempos as needed and 2) set Musical Mode - in that order.

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Absolutely! I don’t know why Cubase seems to be so random when assigning tempo but you’re right, setting tempo (and time sig) first is absolutely essential.

My impression is that it doesn’t calculate it correctly when Loop Recording because the length of the recording typically isn’t an exact multiple of the Loop length but it does the calculation as if it were. So there is kind of a rounding error at play.

Some rounding error!