Changing all of my glissandi

I’ve decided that I don’t want any “gliss” text on any of my glissando lines. What’s the fastest way to modify every glissando line in my score accordingly, and how do I make this setting the default henceforth?

Engraving Options–Glissando Lines, then set as default.

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Ah yes, Engraving Options (not Notation Options), I often forget to check there. Thanks, Dan.

Setting the option this way doesn’t affect any lines for which I have the “Glissando text” option turned on, however. Now that I have the “gliss” text off as a rule, is there some way to turn off that option for all of my glissando lines, en masse?

Filter-select all of them and set the property in one go.

Ha! I didn’t see “Glissando Lines” in the filter list earlier, thought it wasn’t there. My mistake, thanks again.