Changing appearance of the slash like in Bb/C

At this page, there are instructions for how to change chord symbol fonts:

My current score has chords like Bb/C. I can change the size of the letters and the flat-sign, but I can’t seem to change the size of the slash—so I’m wondering if there is a bug.

In the top menu, I choose Engrave / Font Styles…
then “Chord Symbols Altered Bass Separator Font” (isn’t that the slash, like in Bb/C?)
But it seems that changes made to this font do not affect the appearance of the slash in the score.

I’m pretty sure that setting is only when using text instead of a slash:

You can still change the slash though, it’s just a bit more work. Go to Engraving Options/Chord Symbols/Project Default Appearances/Edit, enter any slash chord, and hit +. Bb/C is fine but we really only need a way to edit the slash so it doesn’t actually matter. Now click the slash. Any edits made here are just for that particular chord, but if you hit the Edit Component pencil underneath, you can now make a global edit to the slash. In the next editing window scale and position the slash however you want and it should affect all slashes in your project. If you save your settings in a default file that you normally start with then you won’t have to deal with changing it again.

Wow - thanks for that detailed look.

Dorico team: My thought is that simply wanting the slash to be a different size should be easier?