Changing audio event lengths

Hi all,

I have around 2,000 tracks in my current project that I have all synced to a specific time according to a clap in each audio file.

I did this by cutting each audio event to begin at the ‘clap’ event and then making them all start at the same point in the timetine.

I now want to drag the audio event to it’s full length by clicking the box in the left corner of the audio event and dragging it left as far as it goes.

At the moment, when I select all the audio files and do this, they will only extend left as far as the shortest one goes but they all have different lengths. Is there a keyboard shortcut, or one I can programme, so that Nuendo will keep the position of the audio event but lengthen the clip all the way left to its start?

Thanks for he help!


I’m sorry, I don’t think this is possible.

Ah, I found a way to do this two days ago. Will post the result here shortly!

Thanks anyway Martin.Jirsak.


I’m curious, thank you for sharing!

So, the solution I found for this was actually much easier than I expected.

Once you have selected all the events or region that you want to shift the size of to the left, you do the following:

You NEED to have the ‘nudge’ palette visible along the top, and then just click ‘trim start left’ as many times as needed until the longest one is extended all the way. This button will shift the start of the audio event left by whatever grid setting you have e.g. 1 second.