Changing automation adds nodes

Working with Cubase 11 on Windows 10.
I want to automate the level so I show automation and makes some level adjustments. Decide I want to change those adjustments.
Cubase doesn’t raise the area I’m trying to adjust without first adding nodes to the current location of the nodes being adjusted.
Below is what I wanted. (I had to delete the nodes left in by cubase to get this.)

Please note I only made these cubase images to show the issue. This is not a real song.

David G.

Select the lower nodes, go to the info line and raise the level there (mousewheel or typing). Or hold shift & and drag the nodes up.

The extra nodes appear when the range tool is used or when there are nodes selected plus mousewheel turned. I think that’s regarded a ‘feature’ (indeed a cool function sometimes, for me in most cases not what I want).