Changing bar numbers

I know that there is a bar number change in the context menu, but I cannot get it to work. I tried by selecting a bar and also a bar line and then the context menu command, but there is no option showing up where I can change a bar number.

What I really want is that the bar numbers continue in the next flow,. At this moment, flow 2 ends with bar number 79 and flow 3 starts with bar number 49.

I got it to work, apparently there need to be something entered already in that bar, a change cannot be made on an empty bar which seems strange to me.

Yes, it’s not ideal that some operations require a note or other specific kind of event to be selected. We hope to improve this in future.

Hm, the change bar number function doesn’t seem to work for me. I have music written on the bars, and bar numbers labeled for every bar. I click on a bar number, then right click for “Add bar number change”, but nothing happens. No pop-up or anything. Am I missing something?

I think bar number changes only work if you select a note in the measure you want to change and then right click for “Add bar number change.”


You will find that Dorico is more forgiving of different kinds of selected items for this kind of operation in the forthcoming update.