Changing BMP on multilayered project

Hi all,

I have a Cubase 8.5 project with multiple audio layers.
The song currently runs to 30s and I need to make it run 29s, so my boss who’s been using Cubase for a while says the best way to do this is to render each event so they all start at 0 and finish on the same bar, then change the BPM.

His method which works really well, seems a little convoluted and I’m wondering if you have a new method so I can teach the old dog a new trick.

They’re dead against bouncing out to one file and time stretching it.

Thanks for your time.



If you do so, you will apply the Time-Stretch anyway, so I’m not sure, why your boss is against it.

In fact, you don’t need to export it. Just change the tempo of the original project.