Changing buffer sizes totally messes up my inputs!

Cubase Pro 12. Never had this issue with earlier versions. When I change the buffer a bunch of things get disconnected and renamed. I have NO clue why. I tend to change buffer sizes quite a lot so this is really a big issue for me. Any help is much appreciated!!


I would say this is the driver issue. Please get in contact with Focusrite.

Hey thanks so much, it was the Focusrite drives (at least that seems to have fixed it now). I think when I put my new harddrive in I downloaded Focusrite Control, but not the extra windows drivers. How it was working without drivers, I don’t know…but that also explains why my external analog FX latency was up to 80ms from around 4-8ms. Phew!

Nope, this just happened again, I had to change from 48000 to 44100 and it messed up all my external FX routing. Any other ideas??