Changing chord separator font style has no effect

In this (cut down) project, changing the chord separator’s font style has no effect, at least on my computer.
For testing, it is intentionally set to an absurd big size.
Any ideas?
Demo.dorico (788.2 KB)

That’s because Dorico is actually using U+E87B from the font defined for “Chord symbols music text”:

Thanks Daniel, if is this intended behaviour, what is the dedicated font style for? Apart from that, I would like to have the possibility to adjust the separator’s size independently. In this case, it is too big, at least for my taste. :slight_smile:

The steps described below might help you out with adjusting the size of the separator:

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The steps above in the post @DanielMuzMurray linked to should also work on the slash. This does raise the question, why does the Font Style “Chord Symbols Altered Bass Separator Font” exist if it doesn’t do anything? It definitely seems like there should be a percentage setting, and X and Y positioning settings in Engraving Options too. (I actually thought there was a percentage setting already, but I guess not.)

I don’t have your font installed so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like, but here’s a little test file where I modified the slash to look like this:
DemoRvsd.dorico (780.9 KB)

If you’d like a permanent change to all files created from File/New, here’s a doricolib file too. You can unzip it and add it to your DefaultLibraryAdditions folder. It includes settings to change the font used and glyph location if you want, plus it’s easy to change the scale and Y offset (positive # brings it down), if I didn’t get those correct since I didn’t have your font installed. (625 Bytes)

ChordSlash doricolib file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<entities array="true">
		<entities array="true">
				<components array="true">
				<relativeAttachments array="true"/>
				<scalingRules array="true"/>
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Thanks you very much @DanielMuzMurray & @FredGUnn! That really helps me a lot!

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