Changing Color of Hitpoints

I spent a lot of time editing hit points today and it would have been easier if I could change their color. They are very similar in color to the grid and it’s not always easy to see them. Please let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere! Thanks.

If by hit points you mean markers you can change their color with the color picker like you do for tracks.

I am referring to the hit points Cubase creates for audio tracks that are visible in the sample editor window. I am using the hit points to add samples to snare and kick point tracks.

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I just googled because I’m having the same issue. My fix was actually changing the color of the grid in the editor area. I changed it from light grey to black. Now the markers are much more clear. Its located in preferences > color schemes > Editor area backround

Actually, I ran across a video that talked about Cubase colors and ended up doing the same thing. It’s not perfect but it certainly helps! Thanks for the feedback!