Changing CPU or core usage

Can you allow more CPU or core usage from a main source in cubase pro12.0.60? What I mean is without opening a project or creating a new one, just opening Cubase, is there a settings or preference where I can increase CPU or amount of core usage. If so how do I go about it?

Not really. The DAW and the OS decide how many and which cores the threads are using. Some people decide to use third party software to dedicate cores to their DAW but as far as I know it doesn’t necessarily get you more performance, possibly just a guaranteed minimum (which could be lower than the maximum if you didn’t tweak it).

In my experience once you get to the point that something isn’t working for you you’re either better off looking for actual problems (i.e. software / hardware conflicts or broken stuff) or simply upgrading the CPU.

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Might not be what you’re getting at but you can affect core usage by how you load VST’s such as Halion and Kontakt. If you utilise multiple instances of kontakt the load will be spread over multiple cores. If you load multiple instruments in to one instance of kontakt it’ll utilise one core.

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