Changing Enharmonic in transposing instruments

Is there a way to specify the enharmonic version of a key in a transposing instrument, after auto-transposition from a concert score?

I have a scale exercise in F# minor. I have a concert score with Trombone and Bb Trumpet so I can easily copy/paste the exercise from one to the other, while generating worksheets for both instruments. On the Trumpet version of my worksheet, I would like to display it as Ab minor - it reads better that way. I’ve tried creating a second flow with the same exercise in Gb minor on the score, but the transposed part still reads in G# min.

Is there a way to change that, i.e. force it to read in a different enharmonic key once transposed?

In rereading this, I should clarify that I’m talking about the Key Signature on the transposed instrument - obviously I can easily change the enharmonic display of the notes with Alt-/+ (Mac).

There’s no way to achieve this at the moment, Bryan. I’ll discuss this with the team next week and see whether we can come up with a plan.

Thank you Daniel. A partial workaround I found was to mess with the accidentals on transposing instruments settings for that flow - obviously it could be haphazard depending on what Dorico considers as “easy” in terms of accidentals.