Changing external synth preset with Cubase

I use a Korg TR 61 Music Workstation that i would like to control from inside of Cubase.
Its possible to control the TR through MIDI.

I made it work while using a “MIDI Track”. The midi track has the option to change banks and presets. But it won’t show the name of the bank or preset. My guess is that i have to download the names through the “MIDI Device Manager”, so i did install the “Korg Triton” in lack of a “Korg TR” option. But it did not solve my problem.

Does any one know if its possible to change banks/presets on your music workstation like the Korg TR, Triton etc from inside of Cubase? With names shown?

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Normally, this should be possible via the MIDI-Out of your PC/ Interface and the MIDI-IN of your Korg TR 61, from Cubase.

Inside the “MIDI Device manager” (Devices) of Cubase, its possible to install the Triton synth. My guess is that i thereby install the bank/program change IDs for my workstation with names. Could it be that i have to do the same thing inside the Mac OS X Midi manager?

Thanks for your help!

Don´t got a Mac, and even do not know that the Macs got their own MIDI-Manage-Section. yes, of course. i would try it there, too.

I succeded to add the “TR-Rack” and “Triton LE” synths inside the MIDI-manager. And connect them to the in/out of my interface. So now i got them connected. But i still don’t seem to find anyway inside Cubase to see the names of the programs/banks. Only the number.

maybe this one is help us:

or maybe event this:

or better maybe this one here: