Changing fonts in Dorico


I was trying to change the font for everything in Dorico, and I went to engrave>library>font styles, changed some fonts in some categories on the right and now it looks like this are all messed up with the font. I was curious how do I reset this? I was reading around and learned that the font has to be an SMuFL font, so I went to library>music fonts, but only saw 2 available fonts. Should there be more available here?

Assuming you’re running Dorico Pro 4 or later, you can reset everything via the Library > Library Manager dialog. If you have Dorico 5, you should see eight different font families in Library > Music Fonts by default.

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Yes I am on Dorico 4. In Library Manager, where do I reset the fonts? So are there only 2 fonts available to use in Dorico 4?

You can reset an individual style using the “Revert to Factory” button:


It’s the circle with an arrow, next to the star.

Alternatively, as Daniel says, use the Library Manager. Click on “Factory Settings”,

then select Font Styles,

and then synchronise the settings.


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Thanks for the detailed instructions! Looks like that worked- in the library manager I think I went to “font styles,” then clicked on a red arrow by where it said “some options differ.” Looks like it’s all fixed now! In the attached image, is there anything I need to fix with the red box with the word “petaluma” in it? Are there any other fonts I can use in Dorico other than the 2 listed in “music fonts” under"library"?

Yes, there are several other fonts you can use. If you have Dorico 5, you should get 8 different music fonts; as well as a few text fonts.

got it, I am currently on Dorico 4, are there any more. than the 2 listed in Dorico 4?

There are several other SMuFL music fonts that you can download and install for use in Dorico 4.

You have to install the font, and a “JSON” text file to a certain location to make the font available.