Changing grouping

How can I easily change the way dorico’s default distribution of note grouping? I know I can set rules in the notation options but lets say I want different grouping for specific places?
for example: I want two triplet 8th’s to turn to a quarter.
or a double dotted quarter to a quarter tied to a 16th note.

And what about this?
Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 7.33.10 PM.jpg

Did you use the Force Durations tool (shortcut O, the icon of the G clamp in the note input toolbox) to input those notes? That would be the way to override on a local basis Dorico’s default note/beat grouping.

Certainly by default in 4/4 Dorico wouldn’t produce a dotted quarter starting on the second beat of 4/4, unless you have ‘Notes starting on a beat ending in the middle of a beat’ set to ‘Notate as a single note’.

No… It was entered without the force duration. just checked it.
But I managed to change it with the force.