Changing guitar sring indicators

I am having trouble finding how to indicate string usage in the higher positions. For example, if I indicate a G note above the open E string, it always gives the string as 1, but I want to play this note on the second string, 8th fret. Going to “indicate string” changes nothing… Also, if i want a half barre on, say, the 8th fret, I can do this with the popover, but I can’t change the resulting “1/2C” to roman numerals (VIII), and I can’t find how to use a horizontal extender line from this point to the end of the barre. Thanks

To change the string on which a note is played, select the note and set the String property in the Properties panel.

Thanks, Daniel, yes, that changes the number appearing with the note, however, it always seems to indicate a fingering number, which is jus a plain number, but never the string number, which has a circle around it, so you can distinguish between the two. If I go to "String Indicators’, far right in the Properties panel

the only option there is to show or hide, but the string indication shown there is always the note when played in first position, not on a different string when you play further up the neck, which is what I need to indicate.

I’m sorry to say that I’m struggling a bit to follow you. Would you mind attaching a project that demonstrates the issue you’re having? Just something trivial that demonstrates the problem.

Hi, Daniel;
Yep, it sounds more and more confusing the more I read it.
In the attached score, have a look a bar 9.
The G note in the guitar 1 part needs to be played on the second string (8th fret), but if I go to ‘String indicators,’ it always comes up with the default of string 1, which is the G note played in first position, ie on the third fret of the first string. You can see that this first string has been selected in bar 9, but I need it to be the second string, not the first

Alternatively, if I go to ‘Fingering or Position,’ this gives me the opportunity to change the number from 1 (default) to 2, which is what I want, but whatever number I choose, it displays always as a fingering number, not a string number. There doesn’t seem to be choice of “string fingering or position,’ there is only ‘string fingering.’
At the moment I’m stuck with either a string indication of 1 (which is incorrect, I want ‘2’) or a fingering number 2, which is the right number, but the wrong display (no circle round it to indicate a string number)

I hope this doesn’t muddy the waters further.

John S

Prelude 5 guitar duet.pdf (132 KB)


In the properties panel, under notes and rest, activate the string property then select the string you want.

string indicators

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OK, and then I go to ‘string indicators’ to display it. That works!
Thanks, Rafael, I don’t think I would have found that extra, obscure, necessary step

There’s a pointer towards it as an “after this task” point at the end of the steps for showing string indicators inside the staff, with a related link to the relevant steps at the bottom. (In the next manual “Specifying the string” will be called “Assigning notes to strings” instead.)

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Part of the OP’s problem is that the two panels are widely separated in the Properties panel. Now, with 3.5, typing String, they appear side by side, but if one doesn’t put anything in the Search box, it’s easy to miss. That said, I love the functionality of it - being able to change string indications is very easy!