Changing Individual Notes On A Bass Line

Hi there,

Currently recording an audio bass line. I have quantized the recording, however some of the quantization is a little out / rigid compared to where I would like the note to fall. I am not sure how to rectify this and would appreciate any advice please.

Specifically I would like to understand how I can move any notes from a timing perspective and how I can affect this (by stretching / contracting note duration as well as its position chronologically within the song) on a note by note basis. Also, if I have hit a bum note or I want to change the note to a higher/ lower note instead, is there a way to fix this? I have seen this happen with the vocal editing/ pitch correction but I don’t know whether there is an equivalent for bass, or whether I should be running the bass programme through the vocal editing software instead maybe?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you’re on to something there: I often use VariAudio for bass note correction (or any monophonic signal really). It works great, not only for pitch bit also timing - note length and start/end adjustment.

I wouldn’t have thought to use VariAudio, having read Steinberg’s stuff saying it is optimized for the vocal range. Next up, maybe I’ll try high piano notes!

Thanks, I will give it a go… though was using Cubase Artist 7, which doesn’t include VariAudio - I had only seen it in action on YouTube and so only now realised that I don’t actually have it with my current package. So, am downloading and upgrading as we speak to Cubase 8!

VariAudio is very nice for bass notes, using it all the time. Even I as a bass player have no quarrels moving a few notes, instead of recording it again.