Changing key command for caret activation

Hello, I’m trying to change the key command for activating the caret, but I can’t seem to find that option under the key commands menu in preferences…is it something that I absolutely cannot change?

The “official command” would be shift-n. There is probably a json way to make this work :wink:

I believe the key command you’re looking for is “Start Note Input”, in Preferences > Key Commands > Note Input > Start Note Input.

Return also starts note input, but will also e.g. reopen the popover for a selected notation item.

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Thank you all so much, was hoping i’d be able to assign right-click to activate caret wherever my mouse is instead of the current double-click, especially when i already have a note value selected (ie. was previously typing notes). The reason is so that i don’t have to hit esc. before double-clicking, or manually move the caret around with arrow keys. But it seems like this isn’t possible so i’ll just do it the esc+double click way for now…

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I’d say using right-click for this would be a terrible idea : the context menu is useful. There probably is a satisfying workflow available, simply different from the one you’ve been considering.
Edit: I understand your request and find it spot on. This could be a feature request. On mac, pressing ctrl-click to assign a new position to the caret anywhere on the score could be nice. Not sure there’s a metakey available on windows for that. But it would require the team to implement it, as I don’t think it’s achievable by means of macro.

I’ve never used the right click ever in dorico, I guess I usually go to the menus on the top left instinctively, but you are right, I could learn how to use the right click menu :stuck_out_tongue:

If I could do alt+click (can’t use ctrl or shift as I need those) to assign a new position to the caret, that’d be really nice too. I was also going to buy a mouse with side buttons and assign this to a side button but I guess since it’s not even a possibility for now, I won’t get said mouse.

Devs, I don’t know if you’ll ever consider this function! It could be useful! :smiley:

Alt-click is very useful when you need to duplicate stuff. This is why I suggested a free meta-key…

If you can Programm the side buttons to a macro, you can set one to be shift-n

I think this is not what the op is describing : the ability to move the caret anywhere with the mouse without exiting note entry.

I thought OP meant before being in note entry mode. Anyhow the requests are very similar so I thought I would link them :slight_smile:

Am I missing something about the request? If you were entering notes (by typing) the mouse is still active. Just move it to another position and click to enter a note. You can still change durations, accidentals, voices etc. on the fly with the keyboard…