Changing key in 4 part vocal harmony


  1. I have 4 vocal harmonies on 4 tracks. Repeating later in the song a second time but UP 2 half notes-
    1st time it plays fine, but the second time…if i try to change it up 2 half notes, it changes the 1st time as well, and vica versa! (using Pitch & Warp)

Seems to be copying/ or changing the first recording when I try to go up a note. Solution?

2…and when changing 4 part harmony, can I do all 4 tracks together or must I do each track seperately?? :slight_smile:

You need to convert the audio parts into new copies because by default they’re actually shared copies. Use Audio menu -> Convert To New Copy (off the top of my head I think this is it). So, select all the 2nd occurrences and convert them, then they are separate and you can adjust them individually.


OK Mike I’ll have a go nooo!

Couldn’t find “Convert to New Copy” in Audio menu…! still trying… :slight_smile:

Audio > Bounce Selection

Ok, try again… Select audio event, Edit menu -> Function-> Convert To Real Copy. Can also use right mouse button as well.


Preferences --> Editing --> Audio --> on the option “On Processing Shared Clips” select open option dialog and it will ask you if you wish to create a new version everytime you are processing a shared clip, or you can select always create a new version.

Nope I’ll need to try again on wednesday night!!

hmmm trying again!!

Nope… now the last harmony is correct & the first harmony’s have switched again, mimicking the last harmony! Ooof!