Changing label names in the Midi remote editor

Just as the title says .
This is really annoying , functions like ; listen on main channels in the control room just show a stereo speaker sign and the label shows … VST lol ermmmm is the control room a vst ?

So could you please give us the option to personalise the labels other wise it’s 2002 click fest just to know what controller it is

Hi, when creating your surface, you should add your labels to the surfaceElements, either one by one, or in a map.

Then, inside your pages’ creation subs, you could add something like this:


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Thanks for your input but you have completely lost me here , i was just hoping for click on the label field and adding a new name

Yeah, I don’t understand labels either. I think they are not “interactive”, they just show the value they are receiving? I can’t seem to find descriptions for each “item” (knob, button, label, fader) in the manual either?

Try adding any command from the control room , they ALL show up as a VST label . Hence why i asked in the forum if the control room is classes as a Vst . Totally non descriptive and useless

@Highly-Controversial I think @m.c is referring to the JavaScript API. I don’t know of any way to do it via the graphical user interface :confused:

Yes , thanks , i thought so . This app is still too infant but still they remove functions from the generic remote .

What a time to be alive :smile:

Really ? Give me a full working Remote app instead of two dis-functional ones anyday of the week

Sorry, I should’ve issued a sarcasm warning :sweat_smile: I fully agree with you!

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I now understand what you mean, sorry I was indeed referring to scripting.
Yes, I see it too, you’re absolutely right.
In my own script I’ve prepaired a section for entering commands and so on, so that my script updates these labels accordingly. However, using it would mean that a user would want to, and know at least some basic stuff about scripting. This is to my understanding not something you should expect from a musician. Hopefully Steinberg will address such issues.

No worries , i suffer with the sarcasm mentality as well :upside_down_face: :rofl: :+1:

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Yes , thanks for understanding , everyone who seems to need functions in the MR knows a little about scripting but those of us FORCED over from the GM find it very frustrating that you can’t apply the same functions as before .
Having all the Labels for the control room functions as VST is rather strange and totally useless as ive stated . It feels like im back at the Atari days having to find different ways to work due to defunked bits of GM and Defunked bits RM