Changing Layout Name Box size

I’m making two different scores–“Off Time” and “Crazy Rhythm.” In Off Time, the layout name box is double height and the text isn’t in the font I’ve chosen in paragraph styles. I can’t figure out how to change this.

In Crazy Rhythm, the layout name box height, and the font, are as I want them.

The settings for paragraph styles are identical for both scores.

I’ve tried editing the box size and font in master pages and on the individual score pages but that doesn’t seem possible.

How can I make the box size and font of the “Off Time” score appear like the one in “Crazy Rhythm”?

Screen shots attached.

It’s definitely possible and there are various reasons for why you may have run into trouble.

The first thing to check is for any Page Overrides:

Remove them, if so, and see if there’s any progress.

Can you attach your project? Just the relevant portion is fine.

The border size for layout names comes from the Layout Name paragraph style.

You can change the border dimensions on each of the 4 sides independently in the Paragraph Styles dialog.

If one layout is showing a different font, it suggests a local page override, where you have overridden the paragraph style or otherwise changed the text formatting in that layout name text frame.

Check for a red triangle in the right panel in Engrave mode, then remove the override (this removes all overrides from the page, so if you have other local page overrides, they will be lost; but quite often, there are better ways of achieving your desired end result than overriding the page anyway).

Lillie, is it possible that the border could be of the frame in this case?

I’m looking at the dimensions of the frame, and the dimensions of the border, and concluding: no.

Thanks, Daniel. I checked and there are no page overrides.
File is attached!

Off Time June 4 2024 Ending exp Jun 11.dorico (1.27 MB)

Thanks, Lillie. There are not page overrides. I haven’t touched the Layout Name paragraph styles. What’s confusing to me is that the settings in that dialogue box are the same for both of my files, but they’re appearing differently in the scores…

You’ve got something in that Text Frame after the layout name token.

Just hit delete a couple of times after the token and it’s fine.

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You had an extra Carriage Return at the end of your token in the Page Template.
Off Time June 4 2024 Ending exp Jun 11alt.dorico (1.3 MB)

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Hi @chrislandriau
For the Font/Paragraph style:
you probably edited the layout name token, in the Default part First page template, because, it has Academico as Font (as you see in the attached picture). Change this (in the Default part First page template) selecting the layout name token and choosing Petaluma script as font. Or you can delete it and reapply it with right click and choosing Layout name: it will then follow the Paragraph Style that you set in the library for layout names (that happens to be Petluma script, in your project).

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Thanks, everyone! Getting rid of the extra return in the text box fixed it. I’d been trying to edit inside the layout name box itself, without realizing I needed to edit from within the larger text frame.

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