Changing loaded VST of an Instrument channel (BBC Symphony and other VST's) (MacOS)

I’ve stumbled over this weird problem multiple times, now I finally could capture it. This happens since last year with 2 releases before the the current one (12.0.60)

Not sure what the issue is here.

What happens:

  1. I switch from one VST to another one by just loading a new VST Instrument I am already using (had EW OPUS loaded).
  2. Playing back the Midi gives me no sound - but I hear sound when I play notes on the Keyboard
  3. Restart does not fix the issue in this video (it usually does)
  4. Sometimes the Midi plays fine if I SOLO the track but if I then activate everything, that one track is completely quiet (nothing on the meter)
  5. It apparently helps duplicating the instrument - it behaves normally after that.

What SHOULD happen:

  • when I play the midi, it should just be audible

It seems to me that changing the VST in an instrument causes issues with channel routing.



I just tested this in 12…0.70 and the problem still persists! At least in the project file I saved with 12.0.60 :stuck_out_tongue: