Changing Midi note depending on CC (continuous controller) value

Hi there

I’ve got a 2Box Edrum whose HiHat edge hits trigger the note A#2 including CC4 values ranging from 0 to 127. When the CC4 value is 0 WHILE hitting the HiHat (closed Pedal), I’m getting a closed edge sound, whereas a CC4 value bigger than let’s say for example more than 50 results in a open HiHat edge sound.

The problem is, when I use Abbey Road Drums via Kontakt 5 in Cubase 9.5 Pro, Kontakt can’t differ between those CC values, hence I’m getting only one sound (only one midi note) from the HiHat whether i’ts opened or closed. But Abbey Road Drums have several types of HiHat openness. 1/4 open on one midi note, 1/2 open on another note, 3/4 open on another note and one midi note for full open.

I tried to use the Input Transformer to transform the incoming:
-A#2 midi note AND CC value of 0-10 to another midi note, for example A#3 ->1/4 open
-A#2 midi note AND CC value of 11-50 to another midi note, for example B3 ->1/2 open
-A#2 midi note AND CC value of 51-90 to another midi note, for example C4 → 3/4 open
-A#2 midi note AND CC value of 91-127 to another midi note, for example C#4 → full open

with no luck

Can someone please help me by giving me the proper Input Transformer values?

Hi and welcome,

I’m thinking about it, but I can’t see any way here. You can’t mix up an incoming MIDI Note and CC value.

There is a Note to CC MIDI Insert, but not vice versa.

What a pity! :frowning:

It’s possible in Ableton (see attachment), but at the same time I miss the possibility to transform incoming Velocity (via "Input Transformer) in Ableton.
Note transpose depending CC.jpg

Hey kantinenchef,

How on earth are you doing that in Ableton??? I don’t see any plug in that can do that!

I’m trying to do the same thing in Cubase with no success, but if you can at least direct me how to do this in Ableton that would be very helpful.