Changing multiple vst with program change

Hi –

I’m using Cubase Elements 7 and have cubase running on a laptop that is installed in my guitar processing rack. i have a number of vsts installed and am using a single Cubase group track for each type of effect. I have the outs of these group channels daisy-chained much like one would do with devices on a pedal board and then in each channel I place an instance of one or more vsts as inserts. So for example, in the Wah track i have an Amplitube CryBaby vst as an insert and in the phaser track i have a Guitar Rig 5 phaser vst as the insert, and so on down line with Wah output to Phaser and Phaser output to Compression and Compression output to Distortion and so on.

Thus for each sound i come up with, there are multiple vsts each with its own individual setting that contribute to that sound. i would like to somehow treat this entire set as a single patch and would like to switch from patch to patch with program messages or some such midi message that can be sent from my Line 6 foot controller.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i might accomplish capturing and saving sets of vst activations and vst parameters involving multiple vsts under one identifiable object that can be activated via midi messages. Is there a way to do this in Cubase?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.



Hi –

Replying to my own message, because I have figured out that given the configuration I described in the message above, track presets might be a way to accomplish what I am looking for. Now my only question is is there some way of applying track presets via MIDI? I’ve looked extensively at the Generic Remote Controller and at the various settings that are available to activate. With Presets, looks like one can only do a next/previous type of navigation. I was looking for a way to definitely select a particular preset when sending in a particular MIDI message (activated in my case from a foot pedal)

Before I give up, does anyone have any idea how I might accomplish this?

Hi. I gotta similar problem. Amplitube works perfectly with the MIDI learning function if running in standalone mode (and I’ve tested a bunch of MIDI controllers such as axiom 49, zoom b9.1ut and g7.1 CC’s, line 6 xt live etc) but there’s no way to get the midi feature working within cubase. I want to be able to change presets and use real pedals to control amplitube’s wah, whammy, etc… also in search for help.

Solved! You must create a MIDI track exclusively for your external device. And from that track you do the controls as your wish in your VST.

I add a midi track but still don´t know how to assign program changes.
Please help