Changing Muted Lane Order - Cubase 10

I have lanes visible so I can see and comp multiple takes. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to make an event play in front of another.

In the above image, during the overlap, I want to play Lane 26 but Lane 12 plays instead. Even if I move the Lane 12 event below onto Lane 27, that purple event still plays and Take 26 does not.

Isn’t there a “bring to front” feature to bring Take 26 to the front so that it is played instead of Take 14? I don’t want to mute Take 14 - I only want Take 26 to be played when the events overlap.

SOLVED! If I click on the small hand icon (Comp), then click on Take 26, it works as expected. I’ll have to go read up on how to use the Comp tool. Feels like it just gave me the finger :slight_smile: