Changing note duration in the middle of a score

I’ve scoured past topics and haven’t been able to find an answer to this question but I apologize if it’s already been asked. Is there a way to change the duration of a note in the middle of a score without losing the notes after it. I have inputted almost everything in a song and am now realizing that one of the notes I inputted should be a half note instead of a quarter. Unfortunately whenever I insert the correct value, I lose the note right after it, which would imply I simply have to re-input the whole song. But this seems crazy! Please tell me there is a setting so that the rest of the music after will simply move forward…
Many thanks!

Use Input Mode (SHIFT-I) to change the note value or add a note and move subsequent notes (for that player) to the right.
You can also do the reverse: use Insert mode and delete a note to move subsequent notes for that player to the left.

It’s just I on its own, without Shift, but otherwise Derrek’s advice is spot on.