Changing note spacing for a selection

Say I want to more closely space just the notes at the highlighted section here:


Is there any way to make a selection and have the note spacing change apply to just that? I know at present you have to put another note spacing change at the end of the change to ‘reset’ it, but it would be great to be able to do this, or just have a note spacing change reset function or similar.

Try this:

Go into Engrave mode > Note Spacing.
Select the square edit boxes above the notes then press alt-left arrow a few times. With any luck. that should “squash up” the selected notes.

It is possible to use the marquee selection to drag across the edit boxes and select them all in one movement.

I typically use Shift-arrows to select a group of square handles to adjust them all at once.

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I’ve just learned something. Thank you, Dan.

You could also use a Note Spacing Change signpost, and then reset the change. While this approach is perhaps better for larger selections, it has the advantage of staying in effect, even if the system casting off changes.

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