Changing note values

Is there a way to shorten or lengthen the note values by selecting a whole passage or section and then change their value without that a rest is created in between when shorten the note values or notes are deleted when lengthening the note values?

For example: I have written a whole section using 16th notes, but I find later that I need to write 32nd notes instead. Now I want to turn the value in 32nd notes, meaning that the selection should become half the number of beats and bars. When I change the note values into half in “write/change duration” dorico turns my 16th notes into a 32nd note followed by a 32nd rest. I don’t need the rest in between.

Activate Insert mode with I, then use alt-shift left/right arrows to shorten/lengthen.


Edit: You have to set the grid value to 32nd notes in the lower left corner

Turn on insert mode, then select the notes and press 3.

Thanks a lot. It works perfect! So insert mode does the trick.