Changing notes on a Sample??

Hi everyone,

I use Maschine and Battery with Cubase - and i was wondering if i used a 808 for example, and i wanted the Bass of the 808 to follow the melody how’d i change the notes of that 808?

Ideally i want that drum spread out of my keyboard like you would have in Fruityloops.

So… The ultimate question: How do i get Cubase to be able to have a sample spread out over the pianoroll so i can play it in whatever key i want?

Any suggestions?

Put ‘Transformer’ on MIDI insert and do the following transformation:
Type Is - Equal - Note ==> Value 1 - Set to fixed value - (808 kick note)

Hello Jarno,

This sounds like a fixed value to another Note, but if i’d like to play: C,C, F, G, A in my track, would that also be possible with this?



I’m sorry I didn’t understand your question. Would you be kind enough to explain your situation more precisely:

  1. What’s your (MIDI) input?
  2. What do you want your (MIDI) output to be?

Hm, it’s not really about a MIDI input. Let me try to explain again:

Let’s say i load in a sample in Cubase. When i open the pianoroll/layout in cubase of that sample, i can only play 1 note
on the whole piano roll. So i can’t actually play a melody. (I usually load the sample in Battery VST, or Maschine)

Is there any way for me to do something, or use something so i can use the whole Pianoroll on that sample so i can play a melody instead of just one note?

Hope this made it a bit more clear


That would be more a function of your sampler than a Cubase question.

You need to map the sample across the keyboard from within the sampler, however that is achieved, probably by having a quick scan of the samplers manual (mabe :laughing: )

Soo… that means Cubase doesn’t have the tools to do it?

Alright. I’ll start looking for a proper Sampler then.