Changing Order of Master Pages in a Master Page Set (Pro 3.5)

Hello Dorico Forums,

Is there any easy way to change the order of master pages in a master page set in Dorico Pro 3.5?

Thanks in Advance,
Ian Hook

No, sorry. They’re displayed in the order in which you created them.

That’s unfortunate, but also makes perfect sense. So I would just have to create another set?

I’m curious. Any reason why the order would be important (unless you have so many they scroll off the screen)?

Yes, it can get to be a real pain. Often I have 5 or 6 in a set, and I really wish they could be ordered as they appear in the layout (Title, blank, front matter, instrumentation, etc).

I simply created them in the wrong order not knowing what I was doing at the time.

Yeah, absolutely!

I also can’t delete the first page in a set?

You shouldn’t try to delete the First or Default master pages (I don’t think you can anyways). They’re hard-wired into the behavior of Master Page sets.

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The only reason is because my “First” page somehow got below my “Default” page in my Piano-Voice Master Page Set.