Changing page number and page number offset

I have a multi-movement work, and I’d like the final movement to begin on page 50, and have all subsequent pages flow from there.

Following the online instructions, I:

  1. Open the layout in Engrave mode.
  2. Go to the “Pages” menu on the right, and select the first page of the layout.
  3. Click “Insert Page Number Change” to open the Page Number Change dialogue box.
  4. In the second box (“First page number”), I type 50, which is the number I’d like the flow to begin.
  5. I click OK.
  6. Nothing changes. I see in the Pages column that the first and second pages of the flow now show “50” and “51” but nothing changes in the actual numbering that appears in the music.

What am I missing?

Thank you,

Do the pages contain overrides (little red triangles in the corner of the page icons in the right panel of Engrave mode?

No, they didn’t. But I should make it clear… I want this to only be for a specific flow, not the very first flow.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I’d love to print the final flow starting with page 50, but can’t seem to make that happen.

Would appreciate any help!


It took me a couple of tries, but I got this to work, changing p 3 to p7 in my test document.
I did click a couple of the “Show Above Flow Heading” buttons on in Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows.

Please try not to bump threads @SteveMain .

One way to help get quicker responses is to provide a project file, even a very basic mock-up, that people can immediately download and play with. Otherwise, you’re asking people to imagine a very specific scenario, or set that up manually themselves to try it out. And then also formulate a response to you. Make it nice and easy for them, and you’ll probably get more responses.

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