Changing part names for printout

I’ve followed the manual - and I can change the staff names in teh score but the printed part still shows the original.

I am trying to change a Piano grand staff so it says SATB on the part itself.

In the edit instrument names dialog I have changed everything I can but as you will see from the screenshot here,
top left it says Editing Instrument: Piano

I cannot figure out how to change that

Any ideas?

Are you wanting it to say “SATB” in the top left corner of the page? If so, that is a layout name, which you would change in the layouts panel

Yes that’s right - it says Piano top left of the page and the top of the subsequent pages.
I’ve probably misunderstood what the layout panel is then because I tried that with my limited understanding - and it’s still the same on the a part
I was using this area…

Go to the Pages panel in the top right corner of Engrave mode. Do your pages have red corners there? If so, they’re overridden and they won’t take on changes (of the sort you’re performing in Setup mode) until you remove the overrides (which you can do by right-clicking on a page and going Remove Page Overrides).