Changing parts via MIDI

I would like to simply change/trigger between a couple of VST instruments by assigning them to the buttons of a MIDI Controller, for example the nanoKontrol. So, if I press Button 1, the part with the piano loaded gets active, Button 2 for another part with an organ etc. Independent from being triggered by a track. In the “Actions” menu I could only assign two buttons for going up/down.

Thanks for your help!

There is Select Layer as well as Select Part. Both take the MIDI value (i.e. controller value, or note velocity) as an index, so you can select the 2nd Part by the learned controller when its value is 1 (counts from zero). You can also Select Song this way. And as with all items in the “Actions and Shortcuts” menu, you may assign a key command as well as MIDI learn. Note: this is with VST Live 1.1.

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Thank you for the quick reply. It took me a while to understand. I had to edit the column “Data2From” to “Data1 To”. Otherwise this doesn’t work.

We’ll post another update soon, this will also allow for data2 from and to editing, plus the UI type (button, dial etc) will be editable too so you can finetune one-shot, on/off, toggle, continuous etc. Also features select next/previous mixer channel.