Changing Pattern Length

I’m new to Groove Agent and just got GA5. Of course I had a look into the manual to understand how to change the pattern length, let’s say from 1 to 4 bars and it should be between metronome volume and Time Signature in Pattern Editor - but there isn’t anything like that to change pattern length.
Can somebody please point me to the right place?

do you mean note length?

you need to click the circle with the i inside of it and it will let you set how long you want the pattern to be

Thank you to both of you! Just found out in the studio desperately clicking all icons the thing with the circle-I too. Came back here to present my findings - you guys were so fast …
I think the manual is misleading in that point. It lists the function on page 85 between Metronome and Time Signature.:
“Metronome Volume
Sets the volume of the click for live recording of MIDI events. To reset the setting, Ctrl/Cmd-click the button.
Pattern Length
Displays the length of the pattern.

To change the pattern length, enter a new value.
Time Signature
Determines the time signature. You can enter the new signature as fractions of beats.”

OK, this is something I don’t understand. Are you talking strictly about recording a midi track?

I don’t see where clicking on the ‘i’ icon allows for an increase of the bar count - or do you mean something else when you say ‘how long you want the pattern to be’? The phrases are written over a 4 bar count typically - are you saying that I can increase this to 16 bars in the display? Sorry, I’m not getting it. Thanks for any help.

yes right under it there is the boxes with start and end beat numbers but the start label is missing I guess it is a gui bug

you just change the end number to 64 beats and it will let you write a 16 bar pattern and the max length is 128 for 32 bar patterns

Oh… Now I get it! Thank you so much, sd1989, I would have NEVER found this. You made my day!

I have to say, too, that I find this aspect of the program GUI, the miniscule bar numbers and icons themselves to be very small relative to the importance of what they do. But I guess this is what it’s always been so I’ll have to get used to it.

Another thing that seems odd, when I add another kit, at first the bar option (and orange Pattern button) didn’t appear for the new kit I added - but then it did after clicking back and forth between the original kit and the new kit. And then adding a third kit it pops right up allowing me to add beat/bars. ?? I guess it’s not too unusual for Steinberg software now that I think about it - the first time I routed a complex send path in Cubase it didn’t want to do it correctly and yet, when you’re ready to contact support, it all works like it should. Software… Anyway, thanks again, sd1989!!

yea the interface is cryptic check this guys gif he posted out you drag the almost invisible black bar on between the pad name and the piano roll to the right and it lets you set quantize for each key that’s hidden it is mentioned in the manual but it doesn’t say you have to do this I didn’t know about this until the other day

You’re more experienced with this program but I did know about this one aspect, amazingly, but I did not know about or understand the Global Quantization feature and that it wasn’t working in GA5. Nor did I know that the time signature of the midi pattern could be changed in this same line. Again, I think it’s a strange GUI in that the line items and icons are so small - yet they can do so much. To me it seems the whole program is a puzzle in miniature. I must say too, that the poster who caught that the quantize feature wasn’t working must be a wiz with this program - or at least has some definitive needs that I haven’t considered, ha! It took six of his posts before Steinberg responded that it was a bug and would be addressed.

Thank you for this heads up once again, sd1989, I do want very much to get a grip on this program such that it becomes an easily usable tool. The forums are invaluable to me as they are where I learn the most about the software. All the best.

thanks for the help! i just tried to start my own thread then almost instantly saw this thread which solved the same issue i was having.
agreed with others here, the gui is somewhat cryptic and fiddly, like most things steinberg. but once you know where stuff is, it does make sense.