Changing percussion note head placement in grid notation

Is it possible to create a grid layout that resembles the following figure?


This figure shows three distinct sounds as played on an iyá (Afro-Cuban hourglass-shaped drum): open (bottom space), muffled (bottom line), slap (top line).

Using a normal grid notation in the attached project I get three lines as expected, but I’m looking to try and replicate the original part as best as possible.

Thank you in advance!

iya-on-grid-project.dorico (562.6 KB)

One option would be to only have two instruments, and an extra percussion playing technique. Something like this. (playback might not work)


iya-on-grid-project.dorico (394.1 KB)

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Thanks Jesper, that’s exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

How did you get the stems to the rest?

Notation Options, cmd-shift-N on Mac or ctrl-shift-N on Windows
Beam Grouping->Use stemlets


Great, thank you very much.

I’m trying to figure out how to input music into this layout, now. Is there a way to map notes to input keys? “A” or “B” give me the top instrument of the player and “F” gives me the lower instrument, but can I also map the second playing technique of the lower instrument or am I stuck with moving (Shift+Option+Arrow) the notes once entered?

Try option-shift-up/down arrows.
Sorry see that you already tried that.
Try option-arrows and then y to insert a note