Changing Player In A Single Player Score

I’m working on a score with just a single voice player/instrument. I want to change the assigned player and tried following the usual procedure for changing a player in Setup mode. I would add that this is a separate score and not a part from a multiple players score.

When I click on the player and select “Change player”, the players/instruments panel doesn’t open and I’m take straight back to the existing player name.

The only way I was able to change the player was to add another player of the one I wanted, return to the ‘Write’ tab then copy and paste the part into the new player then delete the original player.

Have I missed something or is this the method for changing a single player in a score?


There are some limitations where Change Instrument is concerned, assuming that’s what you were trying to do. It doesn’t work if the instrument contains (or has ever contained) ossia staves, for instance.

Thanks for replying Pianleo.
There are indeed some ossia bars in the score so that must be why I was unable to change the name in the usual way.

If you want to edit the name, you can do that without changing the instrument. This isn’t limited by the presence of ossia staves.

That’s great. Thanks for your help.

There are a few constraints where Change Instrument is concerned, accepting that that is the thing that you were attempting to do. It doesn’t work assuming the instrument contains (or has at any point contained) ossia fights, for example.