Changing Plugin Categories

I’m not liking the way the plugins are categorised in Cubase 9. It seems very haphazard and illogical. It has Real Guitar in the Synth category for one thing. Are you able to customise the categorisation?

You can’t change the default set but you can create your own ones and then not use the defaults.

Open the Plugin Manager and click on the + symbol near the top right. You then get the option of creating an empty collection, adding all the plugins or copying another existing collection. Then you name your new collection and can then start moving things around and/or create your own sub-folders.

Much better than the default bizarre collections as you say. I think this came in with Cubase 8.

The fastest way to do that, IMO, is to duplicate the default collection, add the categories you want, remove those you don’t want and arrange the plug-ins accordingly. You can also back this up for future use (PluginManager.xml in the preferences). However, categorisation for VST3 plug-ins is decided by the developer, not by Cubase (whereas VST2 picks up the category from the folder you put the dll file in). Although I would not exclude that un-categorised VSTi end up in ‘Synth’. Plugin Manager came with 8, indeed.

A little late reaction but very helpful for me today!

Yes I only saw these replies myself now as I wasn’t getting notifications for a while back then. Thanks for these solutions.