Changing plugin from always on top crashes cubase

I’m on windows 11, cubase 12.0.30 pro

I have this plugin Massive X from Native Instruments which used to work as expected in the past.
But I now have this problem where deselecting always on top makes the plugin window disappear (which they usually do for a short moment), never reappear again and crashing the GUI completely.
The plugin still takes MIDI input and plays back notes. Nothing else in cubase is reacting to anything, though. I have to task manager quit cubase and restart.


  • start cubase with disabled preferences
  • create track with massive x
  • open vst window
  • right click top area, menu pops up and ‘always on top’ should be ticked
  • click it to deselect
    → crash

When using Massive X inside the Komplete wrapper VST ‘always on top’ works as expected, no crashes. I usually use Massive X this way, so this thing could be around for a while.
But I’m sure at least in cubase 11 it wasn’t there.

let’s assume this is solved.


How, please?